ZoomDial.com - HighSpeed Internet Anywhere!
HighSpeed Internet Access up to 19x faster than regular dialup!

Starting at $19.95/month, anyone can now have HighSpeed Internet access over their phone line without requiring any new hardware. Use your existing 56K (v.90/v.92) modem and surf the NET up to 19x faster.

What gets accelerated?

  • Web Pages - HTML markup and Javascript
  • Graphics - including JPG and GIF images
  • Text
  • E-mail

What does not accelerated?

  • Streaming media, audio and video files
  • Secure pages, such as those used for on-line banking and Credit Card forms
  • Files and attachements such as music and digital photos

How does it work?

The ZoomDial Accelerator is a small program that you download and install on your computer. Once you're dialed up to the Internet, the program runs in the background, all of the web pages that you view will pass through one of our servers that will optimize images and text (to the degree you specify) and send them to your PC much faster than conventional dial-up.

In simple terms, instead of changing the size of the connection to the Internet you already have, we change the size of the Internet you want to download. By compressing and optimizing the information that is being sent to your computer, you receive it unbelievably faster then before, with no distortion to the information in any way.

What are the Benefits?

  • Runs seamlessly after you've dialed up.
  • Requires no additional hardware!
  • Blocks Pop up and Pop under Ads
  • Lets you specify the image quality and in turn the speed of surfing.
  • View detailed compression statistics.
  • Easily customize your own settings.
  • Works on any Internet Connection (Analog Dialup v.90/v.92, ISDN, ADSL)

Here's what you can expect from the ZoomDial Accelerator
Web Site Dial-Up
ZoomDial Accelerator
1st Time
ZoomDial Accelerator
2nd Time
T2T Full T2T Full T2T Full
www.amazon.com 38 51 12 20 3 9
www.cnn.com 15 56 5 15 5 9
www.espn.com 32 89 19 35 11 25
www.pcmag.com 32 70 19 25 17 19
www.cnet.com 12 50 4 23 3 12
T2T - Time to Text: the time in seconds for text to load.
FULL - the time it take for the full page to finish loading from top to bottom

What does it cost?

    FREE for the first month
    $19.95/month there after.
Please call one of our representatives to get started - 905-988-9909.

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