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For Immediate Release: Tuesday November 25, 2003

Affordable Highspeed Internet Access Available ANYWHERE!!

Highspeed internet is now available to anyone with a dialup internet connection. People outside of traditional urban highspeed areas can now enjoy an average speed increase of up to 6 times their current dialup speed. Websites that took minutes will now appear in seconds.

niagara.com is deploying their new ZoomDial technology into the Niagara Regional marketplace, with plans to roll it out province wide. This is the first major move forward in dialup technology since the advent of the 56k modem. niagara.com’s exclusive combination of onsite compression and caching servers coupled with client side software delivers an unparalleled increase in speed.

Bernie Borgmann, President and CEO of niagara.com, said when I tested our ZoomDial service I had to get on my hands and knees to make sure I had unplugged my highspeed DSL connection. I couldn’t tell the difference between the DSL or ZoomDial. I was just floored!

This exciting new development allows anyone who wants to surf faster to do so with a starting price point of less than $10.00 per month and no additional equipment costs. This price point brings quality highspeed access to anyone anywhere.

It doesn't matter how slow your dialup connection is, it will accelerate it up to 6 times.


  1. Niagara.com is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) serving the Niagara Region since 1994, we provide connectivity, web hosting, and email services to our client base. We pride ourselves with being Niagara's premier private ISP
  2. website http://www.zoomdial.com
  3. website http://www.niagara.com


Bernie Borgmann, President and CEO, Niagara.com, 25 Church Street, St. Catharines, ON L2R 3B4.. 905-988-9909 office bernie@niagara.com email

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